Cookies Policy

Similar to most websites, uses a technology called "cookies" to collect information about how The Website is accessed and used by it’s members.

We use this technology on The Site for “analytics” purposes. This allows us to, for example, understand more about the users interaction with and calculate the aggregate number of people visiting The Site and which aspects of it are most popular. This helps us gather feedback so that we can improve The Site and better serve it’s users.

In addition to our websites features, users can access external affiliate links, advertisement and functionality that will require a Third Party service to download cookies to your computer or device to fulfil the primary purpose of affiliate campaigns, affiliate tracking, and affiliate programs. The necessity of such cookies is the principal of our business in that our revenue/income is generated by advertisement and the referral of new customers to external services.

At present The Site uses the following types of cookies:

1. First party cookies (generated by for the technical reasons outlined above).

2. Analytics cookies (generated by Google for the purposes of website traffic statistics and analysis).

3. Third party service cookies (generated by services such as Twitter to allow users to locate The Site on Social Networking platforms).

4. Third party advertising cookies (generated by affiliate networks for the primary purpose of which is to track new customers and referrals. Such Cookies become active when users access or an external link listed on The Site. We are not responsible for any external websites use of cookies, including but not limiting services accessed through

We will also use the information collected using Cookies for research purposes. This allows us to further develop The Site to suit it’s main users activity.

Tracking technology used by The Site is not for advertising purposes.

User Privacy and Protection

We understand the best way to protect user privacy in connection with cookies is to provide transparent information. At present we have implemented the following features on The Site to assist this objective:

1. Enhanced visibility of links and buttons pointing to the Cookies Policy page.

2. A compliant Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.